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Top Tourist Destinations in the Caribbean

Most people have their dream vacation but nothing beats a Caribbean gateway that is pocket friendly. It is why we have gone to great lengths to rank some of the best and also cheapest place to go in the Caribbean. Most of the islands listed below are best on the rankings of industry experts as well as general tourists who are regular visitors. The good thing about most of the vacation destinations listed below is based on a friendly budget courtesy of bonuses such as free beaches, regular air traffic, and the best hotel deals you will ever come across.


The Dominican Republic

Dominican republic tops the charts of the cheapest place to go in the Caribbean due to an influx of luxurious hotels. This Caribbean paradise is ideal for sun lovers and golf players. This island has everything you need for a great family vacation starting with prestigious beaches, aquamarine waters for sporting activities and fishing to high-end cuisines. The island is highly accessible with a record number of eight international airports. The locals are also friendly but what makes it a dream vocation is its excellent weather coupled with a deep Caribbean tradition and you have a perfect winter getaway.


Jamaica has been a great tourist destination for centuries due to its welcoming culture, marvelous scenery and beautiful attractions. It is the headquarters of all-inclusive beach resorts which means that tourists are spoiled with choices when picking a budget-friendly resort. Accommodation is generally cheap in Jamaica thanks to its numerous all-expenses-pre-paid hotels. You might be inclined to spend a few dollars in the Dominican Republic but Jamaica is the place to go if you are working on a tight budget.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best travel destinations in the Caribbean that also has less commotion when it comes to international travel. Besides, the country has several cheaper American airlines that offer direct flights to San Juan. This makes it much easier to enjoy all the good things that Puerto Rico offers including great international and local cuisines, clear water at the beach and incredible boutique shopping experience. It is also about 1000 miles away from Florida and therefore easy to travel there.


At first glance, you are greeted by the white and pink sands with breathtaking coral reefs of Barbados. All these may be seen as the usual island charms of the Caribbean but the island has much more to offer. The island has managed to emerge from a poor sugar-based economy to an independent country with one of the biggest literacy levels in the Caribbean. It is not as cheap as other tourist destinations in the Caribbean especially if you are planning for a trip during winter. The nation boasts of good climatic conditions with mild temperatures and very energetic festivals that attract tourists in hundreds of thousands. The most ideal time to travel to Barbados is in mid-April where you can expect reasonable prices.


The lush landscape in Dominica is attributed to restrictive developments which means that you will have limited accommodation choices which are also quite expensive compared to other tourist destinations in the Caribbean. But Dominica is a real paradise in the Caribbean especially if you love nature. And the best part is that all the natural attractions and beauty are free. If you are into nature s much then Dominica is the place for you thanks to its incredible mountainous ranges, zigzagging rivers and verdant rainforest. Couple this with fantastic beaches and you have a top tourist destination you can’t compare.


It is not possible to mention some of the best tourist attraction sites in the Caribbean while leaving out Curacao. The nation is blessed with incredible weather throughout the year which is perfect for scuba diving. Its gorgeous flora and fauna with well-maintained coral reefs make it perfect for water lovers and nature lovers alike. Visiting the island during the peak season might be a bit expensive but scheduling your visit between May and November is ideal because you get the same experience at dramatically cheap accommodation rates. You can also get slashed rates during winter compared to other top tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The nation has one of the biggest airports which translates to frequent air traffic and therefore low-priced airfares.

Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos may not be that famous but you are missing out on fantastic experience is you have never visited this great Caribbean island. Only a fraction of the resorts there are all-inclusive but the breathtaking beaches are all worth it. It is a good choice for travelers on a budget since you are allowed access to the beach at no cost. It also allows visitors to use water sports equipment free of charge. Its nearly empty beaches, tasteful cuisine, and a laid-back atmosphere make it a perfect place to cleanse yourself from stress.

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