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Popular Dominican Republic Destinations and How to Prepare for them

People are always looking to get away to a warm, happy place for a while, and what better country to travel to for a vacation than the Dominican Republic? No matter if you are looking for a trip this summer, over the holidays, or even right now, you should expect pleasant, tropical weather to make for unforgettable experiences.

If you are planning a trip to Dominican Republic, it can be a hard decision for you and your family to decide where to travel to or start on your trip. With many destinations within this Caribbean Island, it can be hard to choose where you want to go to spend as much time as you have available. Here are ten popular destinations in the Dominican Republic:

Altos de Chavón

If you are looking for a cultural place to travel to in the Dominican Republic, you can consider Altos de Chavón. This relaxing, Mediterranean-style village is a quaint escape from tourism while still offering plenty of worthwhile activities.


Bávaro is home to some of the best beaches in the whole region. Snorkeling or going on a ride in a catamaran at Bávaro is a breathtaking experience.


A lively town that is centered around tourism, Bayahibe offers plenty of activities, but none more apparent than scuba diving and golfing.

Boca Chica

If there’s one place you want to travel to, based on the beach, go to Boca Chica. Immense, healthy, and beautiful, this beach offers picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea.

Catalina Island

This island is a natural preserve, where there are zero buildings and plenty of tours you can participate in, trekking through wilderness and spotting various animal species.

La Romana

La Romana offers plenty of options for beaches, and for this reason, it is one of the best destinations in all of the country for tourists.

Punta Cana

A popular place for tourists, Punta Cana is known as a tropical haven of fun and relaxation. This city is mostly known for its plethora of casinos and resorts.


While a small town, it is most known for being the best destination to see whales during whale season, attracting various tourists from all over the globe.

Saona Island

Known as a natural wonder to tourists, Saona Island is a great place to go for beachy and aquatic adventures, with bleach-white sands and tropical green waters.

Santo Domingo

One of the most populous cities in the Dominican Republic, it has an area just for tourists called the “Colonial Zone”. Santo Domingo is replete with not just fun, but history.

How to Book Your Trip to The Dominican Republic?

There are various lodging options depending on your destination and where you plan to go throughout your trip. These options range from resorts to vacation rentals. If you want a mix of tourist attractions and nature, there are centric lodging options to consider. It is also crucial to book your stay in advance to make sure that you get a room when it is time for your vacation.

Not only should you book our hotel in advance, but also your plane tickets. The prices for tickets will go up the closer it gets to the date of your trip. The further away your trip is, the more time you also have to prepare, as you will need to provide a list of documents and other belongings. Your ID, passport, and driver’s license should always be in your possession. If you do not have a passport, you will need to take the time to get one for each member of your family.

Pack your belongings based on how many days you will spend in the Dominican Republic as well as what you plan to do there. Your activities will also be what determines your budget, as it will cost money to do things such as eat at restaurants, go on excursions, visit museums, and rent cars. If you are on medication, it is always important not to forget to take it with you. It may be very difficult to find medicine that is on prescription in pharmacies when you travel.

When going to the airport on your travel date, be sure you get there early, so you make sure you make your flight despite the long line to wait to get through the security gate.


A trip to the Dominican Republic makes for a great getaway when you and your family have time to spare. The country has a great mix of attractions and nature, as well as a number of destinations to experience it all. The Dominican Republic also has warm, nice weather all year round, so you can plan your trip at any time. Consider spending a week at this delightful, tropical nation.

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