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Short Guide to Caribbean Weekend Getaways

You owe it to yourself to plan an international trip once and for all and spend a weekend or so that you will never forget. With that said, we suggest flying to the Caribbean for a number of reasons.

Flights to the Caribbean Islands are as affordable as ever, so while it used to cost a fortune for round-trip tickets, that is not the case anymore. Secondly, the Caribbean islands are warm all year round, thanks to them being close to the equator, the line in which the Earth rotates around the sun, so you’ll enjoy sunny weather no matter what time of year you plan your Caribbean weekend getaways.

Here are some factors into helping you decide which island to spend your weekend getaway at:


Ideally, you don’t want to spend too much time on a plane; you would like to make it to the island and then make it home as soon as possible. As strange as this sounds, where you live depends on which island is the closest to fly to. If you live in east coast USA and Canada, Bermuda will be the closest. If you live in west coast USA, Cancun will be the closest. You’ll spend three hours or less on your plane by choosing the closest island to fly to. But if time spent on the plane is not an issue, you can select any island that most intrigues you.

Depending on the destination you travel to, there will be a number of airlines that fly to those places, so you’d have more options for a certain destination over others. Puerto Rico and Cancun are two islands in the Caribbean that feature airlines offering nonstop flights, meaning there are some travel options that involve shorter flights overall, with no stopovers.

Notable flights include New York to Nassau, which is just a three-hour flight, and various airlines travel to and from these two destinations on a regular basis. Baltimore and Newark also have three-hour flights to Grand Bahama island, courtesy of AirTran and Continental, respectively.


Airlines actually compete with one another to win you over as a customer, and this often leads to cheaper plane tickets that you have to spend. This is also true with resorts at the Caribbean’s, which are working toward getting you to stay with them over other resorts.

If cost is the biggest priority of yours, then you can choose the least-expensive combination of plane tickets and resorts so you save the least money possible, all while still enjoying a lavish tropical weekend experience. These airlines and resorts might not necessarily reach out to you, per se, but there are many websites in which you can compare prices of flights and bookings on specific days, and you can book your tickets and room from there. The time it takes to travel to your destination could be around three to four hours, but those savings could go a long way.

One notable destination with cheap flights frequently is San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is because it is a popular destination that various airlines fly to, all with nonstop flights that can get you there quickly, though it can still take around four to five hours from cities such as New York or Chicago.


Not only will flights and costs matter, but so will the location of hotels and resorts in proximity to other attractions. As we have mentioned before, not only do you need a flight to get you to the Caribbean, but you also will need a place to stay. If you do not want to spend hours riding to your hotel from the airport, or the hotel to some attractions you want to go to, choosing your hotel or resort will be important.

With your favorite map service online, locate an attraction you have always wanted to visit, and from there, see what hotels are nearby, so that you would spend less time trying to get there. If you do not have a particular attraction to look forward to, look for hotels or resorts and see what’s around there that you could enjoy without having to travel very far.

Going back to San Juan, it is a popular destination for its many attractions, which include nightlife, beaches, food, entertainment, and museums. If there is just one city or place that you want to spend your vacation at, a city like San Juan will certainly not disappoint.


Consider planning a weekend getaway to the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean is warm and pleasant all year round, and is more exotic than areas in your country that you may have travelled to before. Three factors to consider when choosing where in the Caribbean you will want to go include location, costs, and nearby attractions.

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