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Top Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the perfect places for sun, sea, and sand. But not all islands were created equally. This cluster of isles stretching more than 2000 miles across the Caribbean sea is home to unique destinations, each with its own attraction, topography and individual style.

Some islands are known for their adventures like hiving, diving and more, while others are suited for idyllic sands and picturesque palm trees. Then there are islands that are famous for their food. So how do you know which island is the best to visit?

To help you choose your perfect travel destination, we have a handy guide where we have to break down different islands according to their activities.

Here is the list of top vacation spots in Caribbean:

St. Lucia

This island is perfect for honeymooners and natural lovers. It is filled with waterfalls, rainforest, botanical gardens and hot springs. It also offers amazing food and many other attractions.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

It is a must-visit destination for serious scuba divers who wants to explore belize barrier reef, the largest in the Northern and the Western hemisphere. The islands main town San Pedro is home to some of the best resorts. The islands has some of the best picturesque beaches filled with powder white sand.


This destination is equal to heaven for food lovers. It is also known as the mecca of culinary in the Caribbean. The place contains some of the best restaraunts made by celebrity chefs, which serves some of the best food in the world.


This island is famous because of the number of royal couples to came to this island for their vacation. The place has some of the best and most expensive resorts which serves some of the best, view, drinks and food. This place is perfect for relaxing.


If Mustique is known for its millionaires, this little island is famous for its billionaires. Measuring just 5 square miles, the island has welcomed more than its fair share of VVIP’s. This island is also home to an ultra-expensive Pink Sand Club, a mandarin oriental resort that comprises of 26 over the top suites.
British Virgin Islands
There are very few destination where you can hop from island to island like you are in the Maldives, and the British Virgin island is best of them. This small island is also famous for its beaches and resorts.


Virtually untouched by tourism until the late 1980s, this island is a wild one among the Caribbean. Roughly half of the island is covered with rainforest and the one third in national parkland. Natural wonders from volcanoes, deep gorges and rivers to waterfalls, hot springs and tropical gardens, this island has everything to offer.

Secret Bay Dominica

Known for its excellent snorkeling and diving and delicious Creole cuisine, the island is filled with tourist all year round. The Goldeneye resort, which is owned by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Chris Blackwell, founder of the island records, the resort is a private oasis that captures the best of Jamaica.

Puerto Rico

This place is must-visit for history buffs. Puerto Rico is rich in Latin culture, and legends of pirates. History buff will love exploring San Juan’s old fort of Castillo San Felipe del Moro and Castillo de San Cristobal, which date back to the 16th century.

There is plenty for history buffs outside the city as well such as Laurence S. Rockefeller first opened the iconic Dorado Beach, some miles west of San Juan.


Isolated for decades, this isle of Castro and classic cars is the forbidden fruit of Caribbean. Though legislation has waffled in the last few years, it remains possible for traveler to visit the place on an education visa. Any exploration of the island will start in Havana, where the traveler will discover everything from local cuisine to the regional art.

Dominican Republic

It is one of the most vibrant destination in all of the Caribbean. The place is also one of the most the stylish thanks to de la Renta, who designed elements of two of the islands more iconin resorts: Casa de Campo Resorts and Villas and Tortuga Bay. If you are design aficionado, you can head to the north of the island to visit two more stylish hotels, the sleek Amanera on the shores of Hispanola and the Chic Playa Grande Beach Club.

Caribbean is one of the best places if the world. It has something to offer to everyone, be it adventure, luxury vacation, relaxing, natural sightseeing, history or more, everyone can find something in here. So, what are you waiting for book your tickets, pack your bags and go on a journey of a lifetime.

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