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Visit Saona Island, an idyllic speck of sand and palm trees in the blue Caribbean, during a 10-hour tour from Punta Cana. Board a small speedboat for the thrilling ride out to the island, including a stop at a natural swimming pool where you can see starfish. Upon reaching Saona Island, spend the day exploring; stroll along the beach, relax in the white sand and swim in the azure waters. Sip drinks from the open bar and enjoy a buffet lunch of traditional Dominican fare. Round-trip transportation from Punta Cana is included.


Dare to explore the largest cave in the Caribbean, The Fun Fun Cave, with more than 28 kilometers of tunnels and underground passages. Begin your adventure with a 30-minute horseback ride, followed by a hike through the rainforest of Los Haitises National Park, discovering species of flora and fauna endemic to our island. Halfway up the mountain, you’ll make an 18-meter abseiling (rappelling) descend that will take you to the very heart of the Fun Fun Cave, crossing the threshold to another dimension. Feel the cool temperatures as you venture deep inside of the earth, with its immense galleries and tunnels, the beautiful landscapes sculpted in the rock. Swimming in its canyons and listening to the magical whisper of the underground river, will make you experience an adventure like no other. Adrenaline and fun are mandatory!


Camera in hands, get ready to capture unbelievable panoramas and typical Dominican villages. Along the road, you will see schools and famous ‘colmado’. Drive across sugarcane and rice plantations. Learn why and how Spanish brought sugar cane culture on this island and the economic impact. See how they used a ‘trapiche’ – wheel grinder pulled by oxen to extract the syrup of sugar cane. Ride our truck through the Anamuya mountain and have direct contact with the day to day life in the countryside.


4×4 Adventure Boogies

It’s time to rip up the Dominican off road and get a bit muddy! Our Buggies are designed and built to have a blast as you zoom through small villages in the Dominican countryside. Once the guests get their helmets and seat belt fitted the fun begins! We visit an organic Co-Op farm where our guides will give you valuable information about coconut oil, tobacco, rum, coffee, chocolate, and our world famous chocolate tea. We also stop at a private Indian cave with a crystal clear natural spring for a rejuvenating swim. Finishing off your adventure at the spectacular Macao beach one of the most beautiful beaches in our country, where you can swim or just relax. You can get wet, and you will get a bit dirty while having an amazing adrenaline adventure that you will never forget. We return to our ranch, where we say goodbye and return guests to their respective hotels.



Get a birds-eye-view of one of Dominican Republic’s most popular destinations on this Helicopter Tour from Punta Cana. You’ll soar over the country’s southeastern beaches and check out the spot where the stunning Caribbean Sea meets the cold Atlantic Ocean. Choose from a 10 to 40-minute experience, which includes Bavaro Beach, Bavaro Lagoon, Uvero Alto Beach or Macao Beach, depending on the duration of your tour.



Make a multi-stop tour on the Samana Peninsula a breeze with this tour that includes round-trip transportation. You can focus on enjoying the scenery and exploring each stop instead of fussing with directions and navigation. Enjoy a ride on a catamaran, a horseback adventure to the Limon Waterfall, a swim in the Ensueño lagoon, and spend time on Cayo Levantado. Lunch and hotel pickup and drop-off make this a stress-free experience from start to finish.

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